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Reference not handled correctly when importing a filter that references a project by its name



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      When importing a filter which references a project by its name rather than its key using a syntax similar to this:

      project = 'My Project Name'

      Version 3.0.0 wrongly interprets that the value always refers to the key of the project. This implies that the filter import will often fail because a project with key "My Project Name" does not exist, no matter if a project with that name actually exists or it will be created by the same import.

      Unfortunately both interpretations may be possible: the text might represent the project name or the project key.

      With this fix, the import will check the string after "project =". If it matches the project key pattern it will assume it may be either a project key or a project name. If it does not match, then it will be handled as just a project name. This is integrated also with creation of projects during the same import, so that if a project with that key or name will be created during the import, Project Configurator will correctly recognise that the query will be valid once that project is created.


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