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CQL not running when editing Script Job



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      When you attempt to edit a Script Job that requires a "CQL Clause", the CQL isn't being validated with the hit counter and result link being displayed.

      Affected Versions

      Confluence: v6.10.1

      ScriptRunner for Confluence: v5.4.16, v5.4.17

      NOTE: more versions may be affected, these are the versions that have been tested and confirmed

      Steps to Reproduce


      Ensure that you have installed Confluence and ScriptRunner for Confluence at the affected versions.

      1. Navigate to the "Script Jobs" menu
      2. Click the "Add new items" button
      3. Open the "Prune Old Versions" built-in script
      4. Find the "CQL clause" field and add any piece of valid CQL
      5. Tab away or click on the next field

      Expected Action

      A CQL search should be run for validation purposes, the output of which can be seen directly to the right of the "CQL clause" input box. The output should be a link that displays how many hit(s) the CQL search returned. This link, when clicked, will redirect the user to the CQL search results, allowing them to easily validate the input that they've made.

      Actual Outcome

      The output of the CQL search (i.e. the hits link) is missing


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