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Setting Comment field to "required" via Behaviors results in an inconsistent red asterisk



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    • 5.0.11
    • 5.3.0
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    • JIRA: 7.3.8 | ScriptRunner: 5.0.11 

    • 2.6


      When using a Behavior to set the Comment field to "required," you would expect a red asterisk to appear next to every instance of that field, indicating that it is required. Unfortunately this is not the case. Instead, the red asterisk is completely absent on the Edit/Update and Transition screens, and is present inconsistently on the issue View screen.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • In a fresh instance of JIRA (with a new project already created), create a new Screen and title it "Comment Screen." Do not worry about adding any fields to it, as the Comment field will appear automatically.
      • Go to the workflow that corresponds with the project that you are testing with and add the "Comment Screen" to a transition of your choice (publish workflow).
      • Go to create a new Behavior that sets the Comment field to "required."
      • Create a new test issue and navigate to that issue's View screen. Click the Comment button at the bottom of the screen. This will reveal the Comment field; notice that there is no red asterisk next to the field.
      • Now click the Edit button on the screen. Notice, again, that there is no red asterisk next to the Comment field on that screen. However, now look at the Comment field that is on the View screen in the background. A red asterisk has appeared next to that Comment field.
      • Now try to update the issue without filling in the Comment field. You get the message "You must enter a value for this field." Cancel out of the Update screen and reload the issue page.
      • Now, again, click the Comment button at the bottom of the View screen (no red asterisks again), but this time, transition the issue using the transition that you attached the "Comment Screen" to in a previous step.
      • You will notice that upon clicking this transition and the Transition screen appearing on the issue page that the red asterisk has appeared again next to the Comment field on the View screen. However, this asterisk is not present on the Transition screen, even though an attempt to follow through with the transition results in the message: "You must enter a value for this field."




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