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Clones an Issue and Links "As User" selection ignored when linking issue



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    • 5.2.1
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    • ScriptRunner| 5.1.8 |

      JIRA Software| 7.5.0 |

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      When configuring a Clones an Issue and Links post-function, you have the option to select the user that you will clone and link the issue as; you do this by selecting a user in the "As User" field. For the cloning process (including cloning already existing links), the selected user is functioning as intended. However, the chosen user is being completely ignored when creating the new link between the issues and the currently logged in user is performing the action instead.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Choose a simple workflow and add the Clones an Issue and Links post-function to one of the workflow's transitions. When configuring the function, choose a user other than the logged in user to execute the function and choose a link-type/direction (do not leave it blank).

      • Then, in an issue corresponding to the workflow you just edited, execute the transition with the post-function.
      • Notice that when looking at the activity stream you can see that the issue was created by the chosen user. However, if you navigate to the new issue clone and look at the activity stream, you'll notice that the linking action was performed by the logged in user.




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