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Behaviour error when selecting a guide workflow that contains a '/' in its name



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    • 5.3.5
    • 5.3.6
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    • ScriptRunner | 5.3.5 |

      JIRA Software | 7.6.0 |

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      If you are setting up a Behaviour and select a guide workflow that contains the characters \, /, #, or % (the only ones I've found so far), you will get an error stating:

      "There was a problem fetching the workflow, perhaps it was deleted. Check server logs."

      Then, if you try to choose an action or status from the workflow when setting up a field condition, you won't get any options to select from. 

      Unfortunately, there are absolutely no errors thrown in the atlassian-jira.log file that point to a cause. 

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Start up a fresh JIRA instance and create a new project.
      2. Copy that project's existing workflow and give it a name that contains one of the aforementioned characters. (Note: the workflow does not need to be active)
      3. Go to the Behaviours configuration and create a new behaviour.
      4. Once added, click on the "Fields" link under the "Operations" column.
      5. Then select the guide workflow that you just created and watch error mentioned above appear in the top-right of the browser.
      6. Without changing the selected workflow, scroll down and add a field.
      7. With a field added, try to set a condition and notice that, when choosing a workflow action or status, you are given no options to select from. 




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