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Behaviours | Unable to find and manipulate Log Work fields



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    • 5.4.7
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      If you configure a screen to include the Log Work field, which automatically adds the fields Time Spent, Date Started, and Remaining Estimate, none of them will be accessible or manipulatable via ScriptRunner Behaviours. 

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • In a fresh instance, create a new basic software project.
      • navigate to the configuration page for each of the new project's associated screens and add the field "Log Work" to each of them. Additionally, remove any other time tracking fields that may already be present on those screens.
      • Now go to your new project and open the Create issue dialog. verify that the three fields Time Spent, Date Started, and Remaining Estimate have been added to the screen.
      • Cancel out of the dialog and navigate to the Behaviours configuration page.
      • Add a new Behaviour and map it to your new project and all issue-types.
      • Click the "Fields" link to take you to the your new Behaviour's individual configuration. From here, go down to add a new field and type in "Time Spent." Two options should appear, one that begins with a summation sign and the other with just text. Try adding these separately (test one, then remove it and test the other). After adding one of the fields, use the sliders to set the field to "Hidden."
      • Now navigate back to your project and open the Create issue dialog. Note that the "Time Spent" field is still visible and there is a message similar to this in your browser console logs:
      • This will be true for all of the other fields included in "Log Work" as well.


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