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Events fired by "Fires an event when condition is true" canned script no longer trigger Automation For Jira Rules



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      Rules in Automation for Jira can no longer be triggered by Events fired from the "Fires an event when condition is true" canned script.

      Only impacts Automation for Jira versions AFTER 5.0.1

      It appears Automation for Jira changed how they listen for events after the above version.

      Customer reported that they contacted Automation for Jira and they said:

      "Automation for Jira only listens on events that are sent within the "IssueEventBundle". "

      I am not sure this is the source of the issue as it looks like we do use the "DefaultIssueEventBundle" in my labs listener payload:


      To reproduce

      If you define an event like this:

      Then setup a listener :

      Define an automation for Jira global rule like this:


      If you are running Script runner 5.4.48 and Automation for Jira 5.1.4 this will not work.

      Downgrade automation for Jira to 5.0.1 and it will start working again

      Additional Note

      • Generate Events feature is encountering the same problem. (Update: The separate Generate Events feature was not been fixed as part of this fix)




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