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UserMessageUtil.error method fails to raise error message correctly with inline field edits or any edits from the Boards page



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    • 5.4.39,
    • 6.16.0
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    • SR4J Sprint 89
    • 6.1



      The UserMessageUtil class fails to raise the message under certain circumstances.

      1-The first inline field update on the issue view page shows the message, but further inline field updates fail to show the message.

      2-The boards page will fail to show the message for any inline field updates made in the issue details view. However, once you refresh the page at least once after making one inline field change, it will start working all the time, and always show the message after all inline field changes. Then when you log out and back in again, it stops showing the messages again until the first-page refresh

      Steps to reproduce:

      For the Jira issue view page

      1- Create a Listener for the Issue Updated event and use this script:

      import com.onresolve.scriptrunner.runner.util.UserMessageUtil

      2- Go to the issue view page "http://localhost:8080/jira/browse/SSPA-1" and make a change to the description inline. The message will show as expected.

      3- Make another change to the description field inline, and the message will not show, and any further inline field updates will not show the message.

      4- Refresh the page, and you will see the messages show all at the same time

      For the boards (Active sprints/backlog) page:

      1- Keep the same listener code

      2- Go to the board's page and open an issues issue details view and make an inline field change to the description or any other field. The message will not be displayed, even for the first inline field change.

      3- Make further inline updates to any other fields, and the messages will still not show.

      4- Refresh the page, and all the messages will show at once. Plus any further inline changes to fields will now always show the message when on the board's page.

      5- If you then log out and back in again, then go to the board's page and make an inline update to a field, you will see the messages will have stopped showing again. Then refresh the page, and the messages start working again.

      Here is a video of the issue reproduction:

      UserMessageUtil Full repro steps.mp4






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