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Behaviour Feature - Performance Improvements



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      As an SR Behaviours user
      I want the performance of this feature to be enhanced
      so that I have no performance issues with my server

      Big users are using the Behaviours functionality quite a lot. Whilst there is some analysis happening as to find out which improvements can be made outside of SR4J territory to tackle performance issues, it's important for SR4J to try to improve it as well.

      In looking at their current usage we have flagged that they are extensive users of Scriptunner Behaviours
      To put a metric on this nearly 14% of all the actions in the logfile are to this single piece of functionality. (This was from a sample of over 1million requests over a 5 day period).
      I would like to be able to give them an indication of whether there are any actions underway or planned to look at/improve performance of this functionality. I understand that the specific usage will also have an impact on performance but any improvement in the base functionality can only help.

      Outcome Expected

      1. To validate if there is a problem
      2. and check if there is a Plan of action to improve the performance of this functionality
      3. User Stories

      Implementation Notes

      • Front-End is perceived to have lots of opportunities for improvement
      • When they have an end field and behaviours, it's perceived to have opportunities for improvement
      • Get in touch with pfox to get more info you might need from the customer





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