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Initialiser unable to set Epic Link and Sprint fields value when a create issue dialog is opened on top of the create issue in full page



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    • 5.6.2
    • 6.19.0
    • Behaviours
    • SR4J Sprint 90, SR4J Sprint 91
    • 0.8


      Steps To Reproduce

      1) Create an epic issue within project

      2) Create an Behavioural Initialiser which is mapped to a project.  In this scenario the mapped project is TEST

      3) Insert the sample code below for the initialiser and save.

      def sprintField = getFieldById('customfield_10003') //id of existing custom sprint field
      def epicLink = getFieldByName("Epic Link")
      sprintField.setFormValue(1) //sprint with id passed in must exist
      epicLink.setFormValue('JRA-3') //passed in id of existing epic issue

      4) Create a new issue in full screen for project TEST. As expected the Epic Link and Sprint fields are populated and show the default values set in behaviour (for project TEST).
      5) While in the same screen, type in 'c' or click on Create button.

      Current Behaviour

      1) A Create Issue dialog appears and the project is still TEST, however, the Epic Link and Sprint fields are not populated.

      Expected Behaviour

      1) When the Create Issue dialog appears, the Epic Link and Sprint fields should be populated

      For additional information, a sample video is attached




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