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Text Field (Multi-line) template goes blank on additional Tab and Description field template is reset.



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    • 5.6.11
    • 6.15.0
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    • SR4J Sprint 89
    • 4.8


      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new custom field of type Text Field (multi-line) and configure the field to set the Renderer to Wiki Style Renderer
      2. Create a new Tab for this project.
      3. In the first tab include the Description Field and in the 2nd Tab include the Custom field.
      4. Use the behaviour and set a default template for both the Description and Custom Field
      5. Create a new ticket. The template on the first tab displays correctly as expected. Do not enter anything anything into the template of the First tab and don't even click into the Description field. Click on the second tab, again the template displays as expected
      6. Now, close the ticket and open it once again. This time when the template is displayed on the first tab, try to enter some values. Next click on the second tab

      Another point, this does not only appear to happen if there is tabs. If a template is added to the Description field alone, values are filled in the field, if you just click outside the Description field, all values inserted will be reset.

      Current Behaviour

      1. When the template is filled and the second tab is selected, the Text Field (Multi-line) on the 2nd tab is blank and the template is not visible. If you go back to the first tab, the values inserted in the firs tab's template is also blank.

      Expected Behaviour

      1. Once Text Field (Multi-line) template is edited on the first tab, and if the 2nd tab is selected, it is expected that the Text Field (Multi-line) template on the 2nd tab is also visible.
      2. If the user goes back to the first tab, it is expected that the values to updated the Text Field(Multi-line) on the First tab remain and not reset to the template.

      Additional Information

      For additional information, a sample video is included




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