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Listeners listening for Tempo plugin Events stop working after updating Tempo



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      Tempo ApprovalCreatedEvent and ApprovalEvent no longer trigger Script Listeners after upgrading tempo to 10.11.1 from 10.10.0. It appears that Tempo no longer fires the events but I cannot prove that other than the fact the listeners are no longer triggered.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Install Scriptrunner 5.6.10 into a Jira 8 instance
      2. Install Tempo Timesheets 10.10.0
      3. Create 2 basic listeners that just listen for the ApprovalCreatedEvent and ApprovalEvent
      4. Create a tempo account and a team.
      5. Log some time on an issue as one of the team members
      6. Get a valid user to approve the timesheet
      7. Check the listeners have been triggered (they should work)
      8. Upgrade Tempo to 10.11.1 (current latest)
      9. Repeat step 5 to 7 and the listeners will no longer trigger.

      The bug can be reproduced without upgrading scriptrunner.


      See the video here for a demo of the bug in action.



      This appears to impact any tempo events configured in script listeners before upgrading a Tempo plugin. I installed Tempo Planner 7.13.0 and configured a listener with these events:

      • AllocationCreatedEvent
      • AllocationDeletedEvent
      • AllocationUpdatedEvent
      • AllocationEvent

      The listener triggers correctly before I upgraded Tempo Planner to 7.14.4, but as soon as I upgraded just tempo, the Listeners stop getting triggered by any of those configured events.




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