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Behaviour causes Editable field to become read only if Issue with Read only field has been edited before it.



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    • 5.7.0, 6.17.0
    • 6.19.0
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    • SR4J Sprint 91
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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a 2 new custom fields. Make one of the custom fields Mandatory using the Field Configuration. Please view image1.png and image2.png attached.
      2. You will need to create 2 Behaviour Configurations as shown in image3.png attached.
      3. The first Behaviour configurations will make the non-mandatory custom field as Read-Only as shown in image4.png where Epic, Task and Sub-task issue types are used
      4. The second Behaviour configuration will make the non-mandatory Custom Field editable shown in image5.png where Bug and Story type issues are used.
      5. Now create 2 issues one Bug type where the custom field is editable and a Task type issue where the custom field is not editable and fill up the mandatory field.
      6. Once the issues are created use the Issue Navigator and search for the issues as shown in image6.png
      7. From the result, first select the Task issue in which the custom field is set to Read-only edit the issue and enter some values in the Mandatory field and save the ticket and click on the Return to Search link to go back to the Issue Navigator results as shown in image7.png
      8. Next, select the Bug ticket where the custom field is editable and open it. Edit this ticket and make the mandatory field blank and save the ticket.

      Current Behaviour

      1. When the Mandatory field in Bug ticket is made blank and the ticket is saved, the 2nd Custom field is changed to a Read-Only and the Error message is returned. It appears like a cache value is passed on.

      Expected Behaviour

      1. When the Mandatory field in Bug ticket is made blank and the ticket is saved, only the Error message should display and the 2nd Custom Field should not be made into Read-Only

      Additional Information

      Test Video Attached


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