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Profields integration with "automation for Jira" Breaks when Scriptrunner is also enabled



    • Bug
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    • 5.9.1-p5, 6.0.2
    • 6.52.0
    • Third-Party Apps
    • SR4J Sprint 122, SR4J Sprint 123 (6.51)
    • 5.2



      Profields has an integration with automation for Jira's rules so you can add cusstom triggers from the profields plugin. This integration breaks if you also have scriptrunner installed.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Install Scriptrunner 5.9.1-p5-rc1
      2. Install profields latest at this time = 7.2.1
      3. Install Automation for Jira latest at this time = 7.1.13
      4. Go to System > Automation Rules > Create Rule
      5. Choose a new rule
      6. In the "New Trigger" search box, look for "Automation" and select "Automation App - Project field value update trigger"
      7. You will get an error on the screen that looks like the below screenshot and this error shows in the browser console. But this JavaScript console error shows as soon as you load the "System > Automation Rules" page when scriptrunner is enabled. The console error is not shown without scriptrunner enabled
      Uncaught TypeError: CodeBarrel.Automation.getContext is not a function
          at Function.window.AJS.contextPath (webpack-internal:///./src/main/resources/js/automation/execute-script.tsx:26)
          at new P (batch.js:15213)
          at Module.<anonymous> (batch.js:15213)
          at o (batch.js:15213)
          at Object.<anonymous> (batch.js:15213)
          at o (batch.js:15213)
          at Object.<anonymous> (batch.js:15213)
          at o (batch.js:15213)
          at Object.<anonymous> (batch.js:15213)
          at o (batch.js:15213)



      Upgrading to latest Scriptrunner 6.0.2-p5 does not fix it.


      If you disable Scriptrunner, the profields integration starts working again and this is what the rule trigger should look like:






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