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Improve Workflow error output to make it easier to find the workflow and transition where the script is configured



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      As a Scriptrunner user

      I want to be able to find workflow scripts that are throwing errors by just referring to the stack trace / error

      so that I can quickly find the workflow where the script is and also if it is a condition, validator or a post function


      If you create a bad workflow script that will fail on transition, we mention the action id of the action clicked and we can tell the workflow from the KEY of the Issue ID as we see an error like this:

      ERROR 2020-07-08 11:46:11,653 [scriptrunner.jira.workflow.AbstractScriptWorkflowFunction] Script function failed on issue: SSPA-10, actionId: 11, file: null
      java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "888Bye"
      at Script43.run(Script43.groovy:3)

      But it might help customers find the problem script quicker if we printed the workflow name, the name of the action and the note used in the function definition to help them find it quicker.

      It would be good to also mention in the error that it is a post function, condition or a validator. For example, in the above example as it is not obvious that it is from a post function




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