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Jira Service Desk script fields match to wrong Request Type



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      When viewing on the customer portal for JSD, our endpoint gets hit and and eventually runs a bit of code to find the request type that matches the issue. The code is is rather simple - get the issue type ID from the issue and match it to the very first request type that is associated with that issue type. However, therein lies the problem: you can have multiple request types that match to the same issue type. For example:

      As you can see, there are multiple Request Types that all share the same Issue Type ('Service Request'). The problem is that this bit of code will always match to the first result - in this case that's "Get IT help". That request type may not match the one that the person intends. When that happens, they probably won't get the correct script fields back - they'll just get an empty array returned from the GET request. That's because the request type returned may not have the same script fields associated with it as the request type the user intended to use.




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