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Issue Navigator: UI improvement for Multiple Issue Picker field in List View



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      As a result of SRJIRA-4832 users will be able to to view the Issue Summary when searching for Issues with Issue Picker field values when they use the Issue Navigator with ScriptRunner 6.15.0.

      The selected Issues stack vertically to accommodate the long Summary text, which looks fine until many issues are selected (10-15+). After this point, the Issue Picker field begins to command a lot of screen real estate.  

      It'd be preferable to define a maximum vertical height for the HTML element that contains the selected issues and allow users to scroll to view the remaining issues, or be able to "view more".

      Steps to reproduce

      • With ScriptRunner 6.15.0, create a Multiple Issue Picker field. 
      • Create an Issue with 15+ values selected in its Multiple Issue Picker field.
      • Go to the Issue Navigator and select "List View". 
      • Enter a JQL that displays the Issue with 15+ Issue Picker values. 
      • Make sure the "Multiple Issue Picker" field is visible as a "List View" column. 

      Expected behaviour

      • After ~10 values, the HTML element that contains the selected Issues reaches a maximum vertical height and the user can scroll down to see more selected issues. 

      Actual behaviour

      • The selected issues stack vertically indefinitely, which is disruptive when many issues are selected. 


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