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Picker fields do not work on JSD portal if project key pattern is changed from default



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      The client side JS that updates picker field values checks the page URL to determine if the view screen is being shown in the portal.

      The above check does a pattern match on the URL but using the default project key pattern which assumes that a project key is in the format ABC-123 where the project key can only contain uppercase letters. If an administrator has modified the project key pattern and the project has a key that does not match, picker field values will not be updated in the portal view.

      Steps to reproduce

      • Modify the project key pattern via Advanced settings ->  jira.projectkey.pattern and set it to the value ([A-Z0-9][A-Z0-9]+)
      • Create a service desk project with a number in the project key e.g JSD2
      • Create a database resource and associated database picker field and add it to an issue in the project created above with a value selected
      • Add the picker field to the request type fields for the related request type
      • Browse to the issue via the customer portal

      Expected outcome

      • The client side JS will replace the picker ID with the value

      Actual outcome

      • The picker value will not be updated and only the ID will be shown in the portal view




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