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Checkboxes in Automation for Jira became hidden with SR enabled



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      When setting up/editing the automation rules in Automation for Jira (A4J) plugin, it's observed that the checkboxes under/above the 'More options' section for certain functions are no longer visible. When ScriptRunner is disabled, the checkboxes became visible again.

      Steps to Reproduce the Problem

      Install Automation for Jira, Pro version 7.2.4

      With SR Disabled

      1. gg > input 'Automation rules' > Enter
      2. Click on 'Create rule' > select 'Issue created' component as the New trigger > Click on 'More options' toggle
      3. NOTEĀ : there is a checkbox next to the option 'Execute this rule immediately when the rule is triggered, instead of in the background' > Save
      4. Add another component by selecting 'New action' > select 'Comment on issue' as the Issue action
      5. In the comment box, add any value e.g. Test.
      6. NOTE : there is a blue checkbox right next to 'Prevent duplicates by only adding this comment once to a particular issue.' > Save
      7. Enter any value in the 'Name your automation' field > Turn it on

      Now, go on to 'Manage apps' page & Enable SR.

      1. gg > input 'Automation rules' > Enter
      2. Select the automation rule that you've created earlier
      3. Click on the trigger 'When: Issue created' & the 'More options' toggle
      4. NOTE : the checkbox seen earlier is no longer visible
      5. Click on the action 'Then: Add comment to issue'
      6. NOTE : the checkbox seen earlier is also no longer visible.

      Expected Behaviour

      With SR enabled/installed, the checkboxes for additional options should still be visible/functionality of A4J should be working properly.

      Actual Behaviour

      With SR enabled/installed, the checkboxes for additional options in A4J have become hidden.

      Additional Info

      • No error/failed HTTP requests found in the HAR files
      • Inspect Element on page content
      • Upgrading A4J to the latest version 7.2.6 did not eliminate the issue

      Update as of v6.23.0

      • The issue seems to persist for Jira 8.5.x and not in newer Jira such as 8.11.1.




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