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Using Issue Picker in a public project leads to HTTP error 401



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      Using Issue Picker in a public project leads to HTTP error 401 when trying to input value to Issue Picker.

      • Error message from browser:
        Client must be authenticated to access this resource.
      • No issue suggestion is generated from the dropdown list.
      • No error in logs as well.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new project named Project A with key: PROJA.
      2. Set its Browse Projects permission to a group: Anyone on the web.
      3. Remove the existing permission: Application access - Any logged in user.
      4. Create an Issue Picker (Single) scripted field and set the JQL to:
        project = PROJA
      5. Open the web browser in incognito mode and try to create an issue in Project A.
      6. When selecting the Issue Picker, it hit the HTTP error 401:

      Attached the HAR file: error.har


      The error message seems to be coming from Jira and not ScriptRunner which believed to be some Jira security measure placed by Atlassian that wraps around its third-party plugin's REST endpoints.

      Not sure if this is something that can be a workaround from the vendor side or has to be done from the Atlassian side.


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