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CSV export in save filter did not work if issue picker or LDAP picker field added into the column



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    • 6.35.0
    • 6.40.0
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    • SR4J Sprint 111, SR4J Sprint 112
    • 12.2


      CSV export in save filter will fail if the picker field added into the available columns does not have a context that applies to the current filter.

      Tested with: Issue picker and LDAP picker

      Steps to Reproduce

      • Create two new projects (Proj1 and Proj2) and a single issue in Proj1.
      • Create an issue picker scripted field and set the context and screens to just Proj2.
      • Create a saved filter that only shows issues in Proj1. e.g: `project = Proj1` and then navigate to that filter and change to list view mode.
      • Add the issue picker scripted field (belonging to Proj2) as one of the columns.
      • Click on Export > CSV (Current fields)

      Expected Behaviour

      CSV will be downloaded successfully.

      Actual Behaviour

      CSV failed to download with "Failed - Network error"


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