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ShowDialog and ShowFlag web item actions do not work in certain location



    • Bug
    • Status: Done
    • Low
    • Resolution: Done
    • 6.44.0, 6.46.0
    • 6.52.0
    • Fragments
    • None
    • SR4J Sprint 123 (6.51)
    • 8.9


      When using Fragment Web Item to open a dialog box, it will not work when it is placed in certain locations . Instead of popping up the dialog box, it will access the page directly.

      Steps to Reproduce

      In this example, we are using 'atl.jira.proj.config/projectgroup1'

      1. Install ScriptRunner 6.44.0 plugin
      2. Create a REST endpoint using the sample script here
      3. Create a Fragment Web Item:
        • What section should this go in: atl.jira.proj.config/projectgroup1
        • Condition: return true
        • Do what: Run code and display a dialog
        • Link: /rest/scriptrunner/latest/custom/showDialog
      4. Click on the created Web Item
        • In any project as Project Administrator, access the Project Settings page. The Fragment should be in the sidebar

      Expected Behaviour

      The Web Item would display a dialog box:

      Actual Behaviour

      The Web Item accessed the REST endpoint page directly instead:

      Additional Notes:

      The list will be updated as more affected locations are identified
      Locations confirmed to be affected:

      • atl.jira.proj.config/projectgroup1
      • tempo_menu/tempo_menu_dropdown (Tempo Timesheets - Jira Time Tracking plugin)
      • jetiMenuItem/jetiOutgoingMailSection (Email This Issue plugin)
      • servicedesk.portal.request.actions OR customer-request-actions <- Customer Portal issues will be handled in a separate bug here SRJIRA-5947
      • admin_plugins_menu¬†(on "Manage apps" page sidebar)¬†
      • system.admin.top.navigation.bar/... (Cog > Jira Administration > top of the navigation sidebar (e.g. Issues, Manage apps, System, etc.))


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