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Behaviour server-side script not working if 'Issue Lock for Jira' is installed since SR 6.30.0



    • SR4J Sprint 129 (6.58)
    • 2.3


      When Issue Lock for Jira is installed and configured, ScriptRunner Behaviour server-side scripts will not execute. This only affects the edit screen.

      This issue is not reproducible on SR 6.29.0. See recording: SR 6.29.0 Recording.mov

      But on SR 6.30.0 until the latest, it is reproducible. See recording: SR 6.30.0 Recording.mov

      Steps to Reproduce

      1 - Install 'Issue Lock for Jira' and make sure to configure your project:


      2 - Create an issue and make sure it has a 'Select List' with simple values e.g. (A, B)

      3 - Create a Behaviour and add the 'Select List' field and use the script below:

      def selectListValue = getFieldById(getFieldChanged()).getValue().toString()
      def description = getFieldById('description')
      if (selectListValue == 'A') {
      } else {

      4 - Edit the issue and select the value 'A' for the Select List field

      Expected Behaviour

      The server-side script should be executed, and the description field should be hidden when 'A' is selected.

      The network request (runvalidator.json) should have all the fields on the payload:


      Actual Behaviour

      The description field is not hidden when 'A' is selected. In this case, the server-side script is not executed.

      Looking at the network request (runvalidator.json), the fields on the Jira form are missing from the payload:


      Additional Info

      Tested on versions:

      • Jira 8.15.1
      • ScriptRunner 6.29.0 (Not reproducible)
      • ScriptRunner 6.30.0 - 6.55.0 (Reproducible)
      • Issue Lock for Jira 4.3.1


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