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Edit pop-up screen points to wrong Issue when Behaviour and Elements Copy & Sync plugin enabled



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      When using Behaviour with Elements Copy & Sync plugin's Data Panel, in-line editing the field which was added in Behaviour would prompt the Edit pop-up screen, which is as expected. However, the edit pop-up screen points to the Linked Issue instead.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Install ScriptRunner and Elements Copy & Sync plugins
        • Tested on ScriptRunner 6.58.0 & Elements Copy & Sync 3.3.1
      2. Create a new Behaviour and map it to all Projects and Issue Types
        • In the Behaviour, add a field e.g.: Description
      3. Create a Data Panel (Jira Administration > Manage Apps > Elements Copy & Sync configuration > Data Panel
        • Input name and add a column (under 'Content' tab) e.g.: Description
      4. Create 2 Issues and link them
      5. Go to one of the Issues, reload/refresh the page and attempt to in-line edit the added field

      Expected Behaviour

      The Edit pop-up screen will appear, since the field was added into the Behaviour, pointing to the actual Issue

      Actual Behaviour

      The Edit pop-up screen does appear, however, it is pointing to the Linked Issue instead

      Replication video: InlineEditBehaviourBug.mp4


      • When the problem occurs, close/cancel the Edit pop-up screen and re-attempt the in-line edit, without reloading/refreshing the page
      • Alternatively, click on the 'Edit' button or use the edit shortcut (pressing 'E' key)
      • Or, set the Data Panel location as 'Issue tab' and ensure the Data Panel tab is not currently open when attempting to in-line edit the Issue




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