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Auto-scroll to selected field not working for behaviour in recent Jira version



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      When behaviour is configured on a checkbox field, an inline edit to the field will force open the edit issue screen and will auto scroll to the field they are trying to update.  On Jira(8.13.7), it will auto scroll to the field accordingly when the edit screen open as shown in the attached video. However, Jira(8.20.1) it doesn't seem to trigger the auto-scroll anymore.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set up behaviour on a checkbox field to make the field required
      2. On an existing issue (where at least one checkbox is selected so that the field is visible on the view screen), click the edit icon of the field on the view issue screen.
      3. The edit screens open

      Expected Behaviour

      The edit screen will auto-scroll to the field accordingly, as shown in the Jira 8.13.7 replication video.

      Actual Behaviour

      The edit screen did not trigger the auto-scroll to the field accordingly, as shown in the Jira 8.20.1 replication video.

      Additional Info

      These testing are done using Scriptrunner version 7.1. It is not replicable on Jira version 8.13.7, and replicable on Jira version 8.20.1. 


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