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Custom Picker set to Multiple Option returns a NullPointerException if the options are cleared from the view screen.



    • SR4J 144 (8.1.0), SR4J Sprint 145 (8.1.0), SR4J Sprint 146 (8.2.0), SR4J Sprint 147 (8.3.0)
    • 6.9


      A Custom Picker Scripted Field that has been configured to the Multiple options keeps returning the error message: Exception occurred: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method collectEntries() on null object

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Custom Picker field and use the example code provided in the ScriptRunner Documentation, i.e. in the Disabled vs. Non-Existent section.
      2. Check the Multiple checkbox option to set it to a Multi Custom Picker as shown in the image below:-
      3. Create a new Issue and select some options from the Custom Picker
      4. Once the issue has been created, remove the options from the Custom Picker from the View Screen

      Expected Behaviour

      The options from the Custom Picker should remove without any problem, and the Custom Picker field should be hidden from the view screen.

      Actual Behaviour

      A NullPointerException is thrown, and the Custom Picker field keeps loading as shown in the image below:-

      Additional Info

      Test video included: video1.mp4
      Server Log: atlassian-jira.log
      Brower Log included: localhost-1666170675193.log
      HAR File included: localhost.har

      Note: This issue appears to be only occurring for the Multi Option Custom Picker and not for the Single Option Custom Picker


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