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Creating issues with constrained create issue dialog no longer triggers page auto-refresh



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    • 7.9.0
    • 8.7.0
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    • SR4J Sprint 147 (8.3.0), SR4J Sprint 148 (8.4.0), SR4J Sprint 149 (8.5.0), SR4J Sprint 150 (8.6.0), SR4J Sprint 151 (8.7.0), SR4J Sprint 152 (8.8.0)
    • 2.2


      Our customer configured fragment Constrained create issue dialog, and they noticed that after creating the issue with fragment Constrained create issue dialog, the page will auto refresh when they are on SR 6.3.7 (which is what they expected), but this stopped happening on SR 7.9.0.

      I tried and was able to replicate this from my end, and auto refresh is working on Jira 7.7.0 with SR 6.3.7, but not working on Jira 8.22.0 with SR 7.5.0

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Install ScriptRunner 7.9.0 on Jira 8
      2. Go to fragment, create a configuration with Constrained create issue dialog 
      3. Go to the project > Any issue, and click the custom fragment button to open the create issue screen
      4. Clicking "create" button to create the issue

      Expected Behaviour

      The page should be auto-refreshed so that the customer will able to see the newly created issue, like how it used to be on the SR 6.3.0.

      Actual Behaviour

      The page is not auto-refreshed, so the customer needed to manually refresh the page to see the newly created issue.

      Additional Info

      Demo video on how the auto-refresh works on 6.30: Screen Recording 2023-02-02 at 4.57.31 PM.mov
      Demo video on replicating the issue on 7.9.0: Screen Recording 2023-02-02 at 5.03.49 PM.mov




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