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Custom Picker display None as a result in Two dimensional filter statistic gadget



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    • SR4J Sprint 147 (8.3.0), SR4J Sprint 148 (8.4.0), SR4J Sprint 149 (8.5.0), SR4J Sprint 150 (8.6.0), SR4J Sprint 151 (8.7.0), SR4J Sprint 152 (8.8.0), SR4J Sprint 153 (8.9.0), SR4J Sprint 154 (8.10.0), SR4J Sprint 155 (8.11.0), SR4J Sprint 156 (8.12.0)
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      Custom Picker displays None as a result in the two-dimensional filter statistics. This issue is replicable using Jira 8.20.1 and ScriptRunner 6.57^. It seems to occur after the fix for: SRJIRA-5652. In ScriptRunner versions 6.56 and earlier, the custom picker returns the results accordingly in the gadget.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a custom picker with the attached script file.
      2. Use that custom picker in some issues in Jira.
      3. Create a filter to gather all those issues having that custom picker.
      4. Open the dashboard and add Two-dimensional filter statistics.
      5. Choose the custom picker field as part of the axis.
      6. Result displayed:

      Expected Behaviour

      Custom picker displaying the result accordingly using two-dimensional filter statistics:

      Actual Behaviour

      Custom picker displaying None as a result in the two-dimensional filter statistics:

      Additional Info

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