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removedAfterSprintStart JQL function returns issues with unmapped status that are not removed from the sprint



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    • 6.49.0
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    • JQL Functions
    • 2.3



      When issues are transitioned from a status mapped to a column on the Agile board to an unmapped status, they show up in the JQL query result of the removedAfterSprintStart function despite still being part of the active sprint.

      Steps to Reproduce the Problem

      1. Navigate to project Backlog → click on the Create sprint button → fill in the sprint details → click on the Create button
      2. Drag some issues from the Backlog section to the newly created sprint → click on the Start sprint button
      3. Create a new issue or ensure that there's at least one issue that you can transition into an unmapped status. Add it to the sprint by filling in the Sprint field via the Edit Issue screen or drag it from the project Backlog to the active sprint
      4. Open up the Issue Navigator page on another tab → enter the JQL query in the following format and specify the issue key of the target issue in the previous step → hit the Search button
        issueFunction in removedAfterSprintStart(<Board name/id>, <Sprint name/id>) AND issue = <issue key>

        This should return no result.

      5. Transition the issue in the previous step into an unmapped status
      6. Run the JQL query in step 4. Note that the specified issue appears in the search result while the Sprint field value remains on the issue.

      Expected Behaviour

      Issues that are not removed from an active sprint should not show up in the removedAfterSprintStart JQL query.

      Actual Behaviour

      Issues that are transitioned into an unmapped status show up in the JQL query result of the removedAfterSprintStart function when they're still part of the sprint.

      Additional Info

      Reproducible in

      • Jira Software 8.20.7 | ScriptRunner 6.49.0
      • Jira Software 9.7.1 | ScriptRunner 8.0.0 (latest version)




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