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Script Console dynamic forms disappeared when switching tabs



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    • 7.11.0
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      In a specific scenario (explained in the Additional Info section), the dynamic forms in the script console will disappear when switching to other tabs and coming back.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Script Console, clear everything in the script/file field and refresh the page. After the page is refreshed, you should now see the script console showing an empty script editor.
      2. Select the file tab and put a script that uses dynamic forms.
      3. Go to another tab, and come back to the script console tab.
      4. Click anywhere within the page (to focus), and you will see the dynamic forms are disappeared (not loaded).

      Expected Behaviour

      The dynamic forms appeared/remained there.

      Actual Behaviour

      The dynamic forms disappeared.

      Additional Info

      Regarding specific scenario

      Note that I mentioned the bug occurs in a specific scenario because it works fine if:

      • The file is already selected upon loading the script console page.
      • The script is in the editor instead of in a file.


      Upon investigating the network tab, normally, when you go to another tab and come back, ScriptRunner will call this request:


      Where the response to the request will include the compilationResult, which should include the metadata of the dynamic forms.

      However, that request is not being called, which causes the dynamic forms to be disappeared.


      Here are the HAR file and browser console log along with the screen recording of when the bug occurred:


      In addition, this issue is reproducible in:

      Jira version ScriptRunner
      9.4.2 8.6.0
      8.20.12 7.11.0
      8.20.12 8.6.0

      8.20.12 + 7.11.0 is the setup of the customer from SRJSUP-30698.




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