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The Behaviour is not working for the Cascading List on the Portal page for JSM 5.10.0 and above



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    • 8.11.0
    • 8.16.0
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    • SR4J Sprint 159 (8.15.0), SR4J Sprint 160 (8.16.0)
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      The Behaviour is not working for the Cascading Field when tested on the JSM Portal page using JSM 5.10.0 and above.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Cascading List with some options and add it to any JSM request type.
      2. Create a Server-Side Behaviour for the Cascading List and add the sample code below:- 
        def sampleCascade = getFieldById(fieldChanged)
        def sampleCascadeValue = sampleCascade.value
        if (sampleCascadeValue) {
            log.warn "======>>>>> ${sampleCascadeValue}"
      3. Save the Behaviour, open the JSM request type and try to set the value for the Cascading List.

      Expected Behaviour

      The log output containing a List of values selected from the Cascading List should be printed.

      Actual Behaviour

      It appears that the if condition is failing, resulting in no logs being printed. 

      Additional Info

      • When testing on an earlier Jira version, e.g. Jira 9.8.0, the log value is printed as expected.
      • The test video is included: test1.mkv

      The test video displays the difference in the Behaviour when tested with Jira 9.10.0 against Jira 9.8.0, where both have the ScriptRunner 8.11.0 plugin installed. 


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